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Detox and Cleansing

Choose the program that’s right for you.

Rasa’s juice cleanse is an organic juice and smoothie cleansing program offered in a 3, 5, and 7 day format.
Each day of your cleanse you will be fully nourished with five 14 oz. cold pressed juices and a protein packed nutrient dense Rasa Vibrant Green smoothie.
All of the drinks are made fresh daily and served to you in glass jars. The juice cleanse also includes lymphatic massage oil, detox tea, and Ayurvedic herbs to enhance the detoxification process. $60/day.

The Rasa kitchari cleanse is based on the classic Ayurvedic mono diet used in the practice of panchakarma (the “five actions”); a central part of all Ayurvedic healing practices. The cleanse is designed to take ten days total including two days of pre cleanse and three days of post cleanse. The actual kitchari cleanse is a five day mono diet that culminates in a gentle purgation of the digestive system to flush accumulated toxins. The cleanse includes oils for internal and external oleation, Ayurvedic herbs, detox tea, a body brush and tongue cleaner. A comprehensive guide provides information on Ayurveda, daily directions and pre and post cleanse instruction. $75 kit & guide. $40/ each for 5 kitchari days.

REBOOT / food & juice
Reboot food & juice is a delicious and creative solution to the most common challenges of cleansing. Combining the dense nutrition of green juices and smoothies with the warmth of broth and the crunch of a fresh salad, the Reboot plan is designed to help with cravings while still allowing the body to effectively cleanse. The Reboot includes one Rasa Vibrant Green smoothie, two cold pressed green juices, detox broth, a fresh crunchy salad and a serving of golden milk. This cleanse also includes lymphatic massage oil, detox tea and Ayurvedic herbs to enhance the detoxification process. $60/day.